Bella :: missing her bestie who has moved a few hours away. 

Holli :: growing. growing. grown. 

Zac :: adventurous. a little too much so sometimes.


i toyed with wether i woud join in with this link up or not.

i wanted to keep this blog purely professional.

but truth be told, i wouldn’t be me without these three.

every week this year i will endeavour to post a portrait of my children.

DSC_2790 DSC_2834 DSC_2806

Holli :: those green eyes steal me. she’s growing too fast. pause. she’s nine this year. it’s our last year of single digits. 

Isabella :: curls for days. always painted nails, bright colours too. everyone who meets her says she’s been here before. an old soul in young body. she knows much. 

Zac :: stop growing little one. the boy has character, everything he says lately makes us laugh. this year kindy awaits. again, pause. 

twenty thirteen | the resolutions

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this family…

this year will indeed be our best.
we have plans.
plans to see more.
save more.
excercise more.
eat in more.
entertain more.
live in the moment more.
this is the year to bloom where we are planted.

and Pilgrim…

i will travel more.
i will throw caution to the wind and take opportunities.
i will collaborate.
i will spend my time wisely.

and her…

this year is not a year for following the crowd.
comparison died as the sun went down in 2012.
i will find my health in twenty thirteen.
this heart will not be riddled with the fear of rejection.
this girl is not desperate for friends.

wherever you are, be there fully.

happy new year.

the first day of christmas | chocolate covered pretzels

chocolate dipped pretzels.

that salty chocolate goodness, it puts a smile on every face. it screams christmas to me.

melt your favourite chocolate, in our case Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate. dip your pretzels and lay them on the baking paper to cool and go hard.

as i do, enjoy one every time you walk past or put them on the christmas table.