want, need, wear, read | free printable

by Stacey



the other day i posted these tags i made on instagram and quite a few people asked me about it and if there was a printable.


this is our motto for gift giving this year. the idea has been floating around pinterest and the blogoshpere so we decided to jump on board. it eliminates the needless or silly buying that we all tend to do at this time of year. do the kids really need more lego and an ipod and a wii? or is this the way to go. minimal and fun.

so i created these simple yet classy typography gift tags for you to download. they can be printed on any paper i guess but i love brown card.

**whine alert |

you may have noticed i have stopped posting diy’s and tutorials in the last couple of weeks. i found that people were loving and using the ideas, which is great, but were failing to credit me for the idea or design. i hate to sound like a whining so and so, but please be sure to link back to me if you yourself write a post on these printables. this is how we keep the local and handmade business alive and well!

heres the link ::

something you… want