Month: December, 2012

the first day of christmas | chocolate covered pretzels

chocolate dipped pretzels.

that salty chocolate goodness, it puts a smile on every face. it screams christmas to me.

melt your favourite chocolate, in our case Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate. dip your pretzels and lay them on the baking paper to cool and go hard.

as i do, enjoy one every time you walk past or put them on the christmas table.


the christmas table | styling

christmas table 1

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this christmas we are taking the natural, organic take on styling our table.

green. natural. fresh.

white linens and foliage. it’s what Pilgrim is all about.

i’ll be sharing bits and bobs in the lead up to the big day. stay tuned for mini diy’s for your christmas gathering.


christmas | a tradition

DSC_1296 DSC_1297 DSC_1298 DSC_1300
this little tradition started just before our firstborns first christmas.

we went to our local department store who were offering to write on your baubles for a small fee.

its started as a once off, getting a bauble and having them write Holli’s 1st Christmas with the year on the back.

and it dawned on me one day that if i got one per child every year, by the time they are 18, 20 & 21 our tree should be decked out with 59 christmas baubles to commemorate all of their christmas’ since they were born. WOW!

and when they leave the nest they can take their baubles and we can start again for our grandbabies,

so it’s just a simple tradition that costs about $10 a year.

and we love it!

want, need, wear, read | free printable



the other day i posted these tags i made on instagram and quite a few people asked me about it and if there was a printable.


this is our motto for gift giving this year. the idea has been floating around pinterest and the blogoshpere so we decided to jump on board. it eliminates the needless or silly buying that we all tend to do at this time of year. do the kids really need more lego and an ipod and a wii? or is this the way to go. minimal and fun.

so i created these simple yet classy typography gift tags for you to download. they can be printed on any paper i guess but i love brown card.

**whine alert |

you may have noticed i have stopped posting diy’s and tutorials in the last couple of weeks. i found that people were loving and using the ideas, which is great, but were failing to credit me for the idea or design. i hate to sound like a whining so and so, but please be sure to link back to me if you yourself write a post on these printables. this is how we keep the local and handmade business alive and well!

heres the link ::

something you… want