advent candles || create

by Stacey

candles are significant in setting a mood.

lighting plays a big part in creating an atmosphere.

i recently saw a whole lot of pictures on pinterest of advent candles, most of them being 4 candles to be lit on each sunday of advent.

i decided to go one step further and create a candle to sit alongside each gift for advent. thats one every day.

we’ll light our candles at the family meal for the day, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. or maybe we’ll just light it in the early morning or last thing at night.  no matter when we light it we’ll remember the reason for the season.

we’ll let our light create a mood. an atmosphere. a place filled with love, peace, patience, kindness and hope.

the bits and bobs :::

a jar, some twine or yarn wrapped around it and a tealight candle. maybe even a number hanging from it. maybe a word to provoke conversation on the back.