twine wrapped candles || create

by Stacey


twine. candle. jar.

is there any better combination?

and would’t these look lovely on your christmas table?

so, it’s easy.

i have a supplier for candle wax because i buy huge quantities at a time but you can get it in smaller quantities at your local craft store.

i use soy wax. there are hidden nasties in your normal candle wax – go check it out here.

pour your candle wax into a clean old jar. soy wax melts in the microwave which is super convenient and easy.

i then melt the wax to liquid and if i feel adventurous i might add some eucalyptus or festive scents.

i then add my wick and prop it up with a proper wick holder but you could use pop sticks like i do when im making tons.

leave these to cool in a safe place away from little hands. i put mine in the fridge if im in a hurry for an event or to gift.

after they have cooled, take your brown twine and wrap, wrap, wrap and tuck. i don’t use glue but i suppose you could, i don’t find it necessary though.