diy pallet inspiration board || create

by Stacey

today i thought i’d share this diy pallet inspiration board.

it took me about 30 minutes to make, it’s really very simple.


first rip apart your pallet being careful not to be too rough.  You don’t want to snap the wood in the wrong place.


next you want to  line your pieces up and mark where you need to trim any excess.


then you want to grab some small long pieces of wood and measure them across your pallets pieces. screw them in place. making sure you screw through every pallet piece.


step back and take a look at what you’ve just done. check to see if you need to do any more trimming.


now grab your sander and sand that baby til its a little smoother. the last thing you want is splinters when your sticking a pretty picture on your board.



now you just need to add a hook and hang.

i used eye hooks and twine on my board to be able to peg bits and bobs on it, but really the choices are endless.

washi tape would work well too.

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