Month: October, 2012

creation a day

thirty days of creativity.

thirty ideas you could gift.

thirty days in the lead up to christmas.

it starts thursday.

if you want to join in you can!

our hashtag on instagram is #creationaday.



attention creative peeps.
if you plan on or are collaborating with other creatives, read this.
it’s good.

megan gilger shares some positives about collaborations.

on that note, pilgrim is coming into a season of exciting things.

i’m collaborating with a girlfriend to bring a new and exciting project.
i┬ácan’t wait to share more with you!

trust me, it’s exciting.

new york, new york

a planned trip to new york next year is consuming my mind.

never mind the fact that we are off to melbourne in november.

new york is all i can think about.

maybe because there is an amazing business meeting to be had on my arrival.

maybe because i am a traveller, a wanderer.

a pilgrim.

i wonder, are there places to inspire?

places to breathe into my creative soul?

are there certain foods i must try?

certain scenes i must experience?

i’m not sure.

but i know that it will be an experience like no other.

new york, new york.